Our Policies

Medication Policy

All medication requests need to be made within 72 hours of notice. There are no exceptions. For refills, you must call your pharmacy and ask them to send a request to us. If you are changing pharmacies or you a unique situation where you need written prescriptions, your request must be made in writing and with all the accurate pharmacy information included. This request is made by coming into our main office and filling out the prescription request form found at our front desk. You may also email your prescription request to If you email your request, please be sure to include the correct pharmacy and prescription information.


Once you and your provider have determined a referral request, your provider will prescribe the referral for you with explicit orders. This will then be given to our in-house referral department. Our referral department will work on the request efficiently and expeditiously; soliciting the best specialist within the network and call you within 48 hours with your appointment date, time, and specifics. Once you have seen your specialist, your referral information will be placed in your medical records so that you and your provider can discuss any of the findings and recommendations during your next follow-up appointment. You may reach our referral department with any inquiries at (561) 364-8056 ext. 5 or by email at

Prepare for your first visit

Prior to your first visit, you must have all your new patient forms submitted to our front desk. You may do this in three ways.

– The first option is to download our patient portal app, Healow. Here you may set up your profile and add your medical history. This information will go directly into making your chart and will act as your new patient forms. This option allows you to skip the in-person drop off of your new patient forms and book an appointment with our available provider. However, please be ready with your insurance card and picture ID at your scheduled appointment.

– The second option is to click here to view our Printable forms . Once printed, fill out completely and turn the physical copy into our front desk. Please, also be prepared with your insurance card and picture ID. You may also e-mail your finished paperwork to our office at

– The third option is to come pick up the new patient forms at our front desk.

You may fill them out in our waiting room. However, you will not have your first appointment until your next visit when your medical records are up-to-date.

Once you have turned in all new patient forms and scheduled an appointment with a provider, be prepared for your visit with a list of your medications you would like to discuss.

Patient Forms

For new patients, click here for the forms you will need to turn in before your first visit.

Patient Portal

Patients can access our official patient portal, Healow, by downloading the app from the Apple Store or Google Play. You may also access your patient portal by going to This portal will give you direct entry into your medical records, medicine tracker, appointment booker, and more. For more information on Healow, visit and navigate to the Patient Portal tab.

Same days Appointments

MMR Healthcare does accept same day appointments. These appointments are available morning and afternoon but are limited. We strongly understand the need for your immediate non-emergent health concerns and wish to ensure that they are addressed as soon as possible by our team. For same day appointments, please call our front desk at (561) 364-8056 ext. #1.

After Hours Policy

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

If you need MMR Healthcare during the evenings, weekends, or holidays, please call our LPN (licensed practical nurse) at 561-806-4920. If you do not receive a call back within a reasonable timeframe (10-20 minutes), please call back and leave another message indicating this is your second call. Please note our after-hours system in for urgent medical issues only. For all other issues regarding appointments, referrals, or prescriptions, please call during regular business hours and speak with the appropriate department.

Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic

You can now visit us on the weekend if you have any non-life-threatening emergencies. Our clinicians will be waiting for you to address these health concerns. You may also call ahead to arrange an appointment or to ask any relevant questions you may have about your urgent care visit.

Our Walk-In contact information:

(561) 364-8056
Saturday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm or Sunday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

MMR Healthcare’s “No Show” and “Cancellation” Policy and Procedure For Office Visits

At MMR Healthcare, our goal is to provide quality and timely care to all of our patients. Effective November 1st, 2020, we have implemented a no show and cancellation policy which enables us to better utilize available appointments for our patients in need of immediate, urgent care. The following policy is with regard to patients who fail to keep their scheduled office visit appointments.

Available appointments are in high demand and your early cancellation will give another person the possibility to have access to timely care.

  • Established patients (Commercial insurance) who fail to show for their scheduled appointment or did not notify the office within 24 hours of their scheduled appointment time, shall be subject to a “No Show/Cancellation fee of $50.00
  • New patients who fail to show for their scheduled appointment will be given one opportunity to reschedule their appointment without charge. If you fail to show for the second time, the appointment will not be rescheduled.
  • If a third No show or cancellation with no 24- hour notice, the patient may be subject to dismissal from the practice.
  • In the event of an actual emergency and prior notice could not be given, consideration will be given, and a one-time exemption may be granted.
  • The fee is charged to the patient, not the insurance company and is due at the time of your next visit, charged to the card on file, or billed.
  • It is MMR’s policy and procedure to remind patients of appointments.
  • We kindly request all patients to cancel or reschedule an appointment by calling our office at 561-364-8056, email to or through the Healow Portal.

Notice of Privacy Practices

This notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information. Please read carefully and file for your records.

Treatment: Your health information may be used by staff members or disclosed to other health care professionals for the purpose of evaluating your health, diagnosing medical conditions, and providing treatment. For example, results of laboratory tests and procedures will be available in
your medical record to all health professionals who may provide treatment or who may be consulted by staff members.

Payment: Your health information may be used to seek payment from your health plan, from other sources of coverage such as an automobile insurer, or from credit card companies that you may use to pay for services. For example, your health plan may request and receive information on dates of services, the services provided, and the medical condition being treated.

Health Care Operations: Your health information may be used as necessary to support the day-to-day activities and management of Martha M. Rodriguez, M.D., P.A… For example, information on the services you received may be used to support budgeting and financial reporting, and activities to evaluate and promote quality.

Law Enforcement: Your health information may be disclosed to law enforcement agencies to support government audits and inspections, to facilitate law-enforcement investigations, and to comply with government-mandated reporting.

Public Health Reporting: Your health information may be disclosed to public health agencies as required by law. For example, we are required to report certain communicable diseases to the state’s public health department.

Other uses and disclosures require your authorization. Disclosure of your health information or its use for any purpose other than those listed above requires specific written authorization. If you change your mind after authorizing a use or disclosure of your information you may submit a written revocation of the authorization. However, your decision to revoke the authorization will not affect or undo any use or disclosure of information that occurred before you notified us of your decision to revoke your authorization.

Additional uses of information

Appointment Reminders: Your health information will be used by our staff to send you appointment reminders.

Information about treatments: Your health information may be used to send you information that you may find interesting on the treatment and management of your medical condition. We may also send you information describing other health-related products and services that we believe may interest you.

Fund Raising: Unless you request us not to, we will use your name and address to support our fundraising efforts. If you do not want to participate in fund-raising efforts, please check off the following box.

Please do not use my information for fund raising purposes

Individual Rights:
You have certain rights under the federal privacy standards. These include:

  • The right to request restrictions on the use and disclosure of your protected health information
  • The right to receive confidential communications concerning your medical condition and treatment
  • The right to inspect and copy your protected health information
  • The right to receive an accounting of how and to whom your protected health information has been disclosed.
  • The right to receive a printed copy of this notice

Martha M. Rodriguez, M.D., P.A. Duties

We are required by law to maintain the privacy of your protected health information and to provide you with this notice of privacy practices.
We also are required to abide by the privacy policies and practices that are outlined in this notice.

Right to Revise Privacy Practices

As permitted by law, we reserve the right to amend or modify our privacy policies and practices. These changes in our policies and practices may be required by changes in federal and state laws and regulations. Upon request, we will provide you with the most recently revised notice on any
office visit. The revised policies and practices will be applied to all protected health information we maintain.

Request to Inspect Protected Health Information

You may generally inspect or copy the protected health information that we maintain. As permitted by federal regulation, we require that requests to inspect or copy protected health information be submitted in writing. You may obtain a form to request access to your records by contacting the receptionist or privacy officer. Your request will be reviewed and will generally be approved unless there are legal or medical reasons to deny the request.