Telemedicine at MMR Healthcare

Telemedicine at MMR Healthcare

MMR Healthcare’s Mission Through Telemedicine

MMR Healthcare has been a key player in coordinated primary care throughout Boynton Beach and Palm Beach County for more than 20 years. During those years, our team has made it a priority to make sure you feel heard, seen, and taken care of. During a global transition, this mission does not change. In 2020, as we face times of crisis, it is crucial to stay on top of our ability to serve our community, especially seniors 65 years and older. Through telemedicine, we can accomplish this.

MMR Healthcare has always been on the edge of technology. With our advancements in connecting our office to electronic health records, our work with digital appointments, and more, we have always been preparing to take on the demand for telemedicine.

Moving forward, MMR Healthcare will connect with patients across Boynton Beach and Palm Beach County from the comfort and safety of their homes. We will utilize phone and video calls to perform routine appointments, keep track of chronic care management patients, address health concerns, and so on. We are here for our patients 24 hours a day and seven days a week with the support of an equipped team and an effective plan of cialis black.

Make an appointment to talk to any one of our five clinicians, our nurses, or ask important questions to our front desk by calling us first at (561) 364-8056.

For patients that must be physically seen for procedures such as wound care, blood work, etc. we are committed to your continued care. We have set up a drive-thru care team that will perform these services. However, you must call us first.

In every other circumstance, join us in welcoming a new way of achieving coordinated preventative care through telemedicine. Coordination of care leads to healthcare excellence. 

For frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQ Page, call us at (561) 364-8056, or email