Tips to Aid in Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes prevention

Health is a precious thing to have, and staying fit is important. It is essential to take precautions and follow a balanced lifestyle to stay safe from diseases. With several patients diagnosed with various diseases, diabetes has taken a splurge worldwide amongst adults and also amongst children. In the United States, around 30 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes, while 1 in 4 among them are unaware of it. 

 Obesity and overweight are among the leading causes of diabetes in adults, due to which the rate of diagnoses has doubled in the United States. However, the good news is diabetes is preventable if only you take the necessary precautions and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you and your family want to stay safe from this lethal disease, here are a few tips to aid in diabetes prevention in Boynton Beach, FL. 

Lose Weight: 

The most essential prevention for diabetes is controlling your weight. If you are overweight or are on the verge of obesity, lose weight to minimize the risk of type 2 diabetes as it increases the chances of occurrence by 20 to 40% in the body. Losing around 7 to 10% of your actual weight can help keep diabetes at bay from you. 

Follow a Healthy Diet Plan: 

Eating healthy and following a proper diet plan are very important to save yourself from diabetes. Reduce your calories intake and incorporate products with whole or refined grains. Cut the excessive consumption of sugar and lessen the amount of fat in your diet as it helps reduce weight and thereby helps with diabetes prevention. Other healthy meals may include fruits, vegetables, proteins, and nuts. You should also limit yourself from eating red meat or processed meat. 

Exercise Regularly: 

Regular exercise is necessary to stay physically fit and helps reduce your blood sugar level. Make time for 30-minutes of physical activity daily a part of your routine. According to the Nurses’ Health Study, walking daily for half an hour reduces the type 2 diabetes risk by 30%. Similarly, the study of Women Black Health reports that walking for 5 hours a week or more helps prevent the disease.  

Avoid Smoking: 

Smoking is harmful to your health and results in the body resisting making enough insulin. If your body does not make insulin, you certainly will develop type 2 diabetes; hence avoid smoking or quit it if you are a regular smoker. The chances of smokers are 50% higher for developing diabetes than people who do not smoke.  

Consult a Health Care Professional: 

The best way to save yourself from diabetes in Boynton Beach, FL, is to consult a medical professional or your doctor. A monthly check-up is important to be aware of your health conditions and to know if you are at risk of developing diabetes. It would be best if you took advice from health care professionals to lower your chances of the disease.  

 Diabetes is one of the lethal diseases that has made a significant impact on the health of individuals in the United States. Therefore, it is important to take necessary precautions. If you want to stay safe from the disease, follow the tips mentioned above to aid in diabetes prevention. Call MMR Healthcare for a complete diagnosis @ (561) 364-8056 today!